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Lori McAlister is an international yoga teacher, educator, and creator of Sequencology.  Known for skillfully crafting intelligent, juicy and creative classes, Lori taps into her lifelong study of human anatomy and alignment, her prior background in dance and choreography, her in-depth somatic wisdom from 25 years practicing yoga, and her 16 years of pedagogy experience teaching yoga.
Born and raised in Maine, Lori studied dance and choreography at Emerson College in Boston before heading to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams in performing arts. A lot happened in the next five years, including the tragic event of 9/11, a time when Lori sought sanctuary in yoga studios. Feeling stuck in college loan debt, yet yearning to turn her passion for her yoga practice into true scholarship, it wasn’t until a freaky fall on ice and a fractured ankle yielded a monetary gain, the exact sum necessary to pivot into completing her first yoga teacher training. It was like a sign from God! In 2004, on that very first day of training, Lori felt she had found her life purpose while teaching Sun Salutations. Tears rolled down her cheeks that night as she realized every hardship, every life lesson, every pedagogy class, every communications class, every step into her vulnerability and resilience had prepared her to help others find their ways on their mats.
Lori started teaching public classes only two months after completing her certification, and by year’s end was teaching at several studios all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. She took class everywhere, from Dharma Mitra, to Jivamukti, to Alan Finger, soaking in every Yoga Journal Conference, and eventually every Wanderlust Festival. Lori also completed her 300 hour yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea, traveling to Kripalu and India to study with her. She also fell in love with the Kula Flow style, took Schuyler Grant’s 75 Hour Advance Kula Teacher Training, and immediately was hired as a Kula Yoga Project teacher. Other notable studios Lori taught weekly classes at were Sonic Yoga, Pure Yoga, and House of Jai.
Lori then took a pause to start a family, which in turn uprooted her to Philadelphia, leaving her beloved New York family behind. After 11 years of teaching yoga in the Big Apple, Philly was a whole new yoga scene to explore.
In 2011 Lori used her dance and choreography background to inspire her signature yoga teacher training program SEQUENCOLOGY- a methodology for creating yoga classes. She has now offered this program at Pure Yoga, as well as part of several 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs including Ohra Wellness (Mt. Kisco, NY), Dhyana Yoga (Philadelphia), and Agni Moksha (Main Line Yoga Shala, Narberth, PA). She has also led international retreats and workshops worldwide.

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Lori teaches online weekly classes as well as specialized workshops and events.

The magic of a vinyasa yoga practice is that we get out of our heads and back into our bodies. We connect our breath to our movement. Once we land in that somatic experience and trust the process of courageously doing the work both inside and out we see ourselves transform. Yoga empowers us to live consciously with grace and awareness.
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