Lori McAlister is an international yoga teacher, writer, educator, and entrepreneur whose 25-year yoga practice has transformed her life. Lori’s own yoga practice has shined a flashlight on all her broken parts and helped her find a way to make them all beautiful again.
Born and raised in Maine, Lori studied dance and choreography at Emerson College in Boston before heading to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams in performing arts. It was only on the first day of yoga teacher training back in 2004 when she finally felt she found her life purpose while teaching Sun Salutations. Tears rolled down her cheeks that night as she realized every hardship, every life lesson, every step into her vulnerability and resilience had prepared her to help others find their ways on their mats.
Years later Lori used her dance and choreography background to inspire her signature yoga teacher training program SEQUENCOLOGY- a methodology for creating yoga classes. Lori has now taught yoga classes, retreats, and teacher trainings all over the world.

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Lori teaches weekly classes as well as specialized workshops and events.

The magic of the yoga practice is that we get out of our heads and back into our bodies by connecting our breath to our movement. Once we land in that zone, we feel all the feelings, and trust the process of courageously doing the work both inside and out. Yoga empowers us to heal ourselves and live consciously with grace, awareness, and abundance.
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