By May 31, 2014Reflections

In a relatively short training, Lori expertly lead us through the finer points of adjusting safely and effectively, mindful sequencing, anatomy, the subtle body, and weaving a meaningful theme through a class. She gave us the opportunity to teach an entire class to the group and was meticulous, wise, and generous with her feedback. Lori’s love and respect for yoga is contagious and it shines through in her illuminating classes and trainings. By sharing her wisdom, she helped me refine and deepen my teaching so that I can better serve my students.

– Rebecca Ketchum


I was so tired to going to different teachers classes and taking the same boring class. Then, I walked into Lori’s class and I knew I had to learn from her. Squencology helped me create inspiring, creative and challenging classes for my students. Her program gave me the tools I needed to transform my classes from the cookie cutter sequences that are taught in the 200 teacher trainings and take it to the next level. I highly recommend this course and Lori if you are serious about offering high quality inspired yoga classes to your students!
-Pepper Pavlish


My experience taking Loris Sequencology course was awesome! I enjoyed every minute of it, not only was this the first time that i started to really understand how to put together a good vinyasa class but i had a lot of fun doing it. We dissected the various aspects of what a good yoga class should have in general. There’s certainly a highly intelligent way that Loris using to make a regular vinyasa class a different experience. It feels like a combination of a very good meditation and dance. Everything flows and enter twines together perfectly. I most certainly appreciated the anatomy part of Sequencology as well,everything was explained very simply and clearly. and this all doesn’t go without saying that underneath it all it was a spiritual experience. Lori is one of my favorite teachers and i will always be inspired by the way she teaches yoga. Thank you Lori!!!!

– Kate Lebowski


Lori’s approach to sequencing yoga classes is complex, brilliant, and full of creative possibilities. She serves up a multi-layered orchestra of knowledge, giving all teachers, both junior and senior, a new definition of the asana practice. During her training my head swam with ideas upon learning her techniques, then my body danced with delight amongst the poses. If you are stuck in a choreographic rut or if you merely want to gain more kinesthetic intuition, join Lori and her crew!

-Leah Landau